Is your business suffering from excessive customer churn  and attrition?  

Are you ready to finally build a loyal fan base of repeat buyers? 

The secret of repeat sales is  Following Up in a way that has a positive effect on the customer!

The customer life cycle can be described in five distinct steps: reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty.

In layman's terms, this means getting a potential customer's attention, teaching them what you have to offer, turning them into a paying customer, and then keeping them as a loyal customer whose satisfaction with the product or service urges other customers to join the cycle.

Statistically speaking, the cost of acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more than retaining an existing one. Not only that, but repeat customers spend, on average, 67% more.

Every phase in the customer life cycle is important, but there is a clear advantage to developing existing customers into loyal advocates who drive higher profits and influence new business.  I help you solve this problem in an economical way.  You'll be able to engage existing customers more often and connect with new customers with less effort, allowing you to focus on all the essential tasks of running your successful business. 

What is the most effective marketing strategy for small business in 2017? 

Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of your marketing activities has remained a top marketing challenge year-over-year.  When it comes to providing ROI, there's a strong case to be made for dedicating time and resources to establishing links between marketing activities and sales results.   You have a business to run. Updating (building) the company website, posting to social, managing Facebook ads, and analyzing the marketing ROI often take a back burner, keep you up late at night, or get left off all together.   The challenges of running a business are demanding enough! In the next few minutes You'll discover a better way to engage customers and keep them coming back again and again. 

Text messaging is a powerful way for businesses to connect with their customers: Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.

Text messaging is widespread, affordable, real-time and flexible. It’s also brief, preferred, and can be used in Any Business to engage customers.

Sales prospects who are sent text messages convert at a rate 40% higher than those who are not sent any text messages.

Text Messaging (SMS) and Picture Messaging (MMS) platform helps marketers and business owners engage customers and increase revenue on demand.  Many owners report immediate increase in customer traffic within minutes of sending out a text message coupon or offer. 

Text marketing combines the intimacy and immediacy of SMS messaging with the most effective means of communicating to a large group of people simultaneously. Many large corporations - the Coca Cola Company, Walmart, Toys “R” Us, etc. - have recognized the potential of SMS messaging and have integrated text messaging for business use into their mobile marketing strategies.

However, text message for business use is not just for large, multinational corporations. Every business that uses text marketing - no matter what its size - can benefit from bulk SMS messaging.

Bulk SMS messaging is an inexpensive way to increase sales in a crowded marketing environment. It can also help to develop brand loyalty and ensure your customers return time and time again.

Business Text Messaging is a Powerful Marketing Tool

SMS marketing is a way of reaching customers through text messaging. Using a web-based program, you can send mass texts to subscribing customers, set up campaigns where coupons are sent automatically over time, engage customers in polls and questionnaires, or even run a sweepstakes contest.

75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS.

Text messages are read on average in under five seconds.  90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes.

77% of consumers with texting capabilities aged 18-34 are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers text capability.

Ways to Use Text Marketing in Business

  • SMS Marketing for Retail.
    Thanks for joining our mobile club. Come in today, and receive 20% off any purchase in the store. Show this text and also get a coupon for your next visit. Try it Now! text sentextclothes, sentextdeals, or sentextsalon to 57711
  • Text Message Reminders for Schools.
    Reminder to all parents of Mesa Elementary School. Tomorrow is minimum day. Please pick up your kid's by 12 noon. And all homework is due tomorrow as well.
  • Mobile SMS Marketing for Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs.
    Text members: Republic Brewery just tapped Pliny the Younger beer! Come in before 5 PM and get $2 off any craft beer on tap. Show this text. Good for today only.  Try it Now! Text sentextbar or sentextfood to 57711
  • SMS Messaging as Appointment Reminders.
    Reminder: Jacqueline Burns. Your dentist appointmet with Dr. Smith is tomorrow at 12 noon. Please don't be late. We look forward to seeing you!
  • Text/SMS Marketing Service for Real Estate Sales .
    3173 N Beachwood Dr. Hollywood, CA 90068. Features 3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1,967 sqft lot. Views! For more info call: Rick Palomino at 213-555-5555
  • Communicating with Employees Using SMS Messaging Service.
    Tomorrow's all employee off site meeting will be held in the Redwood room at Silver Oak Winery in Napa Valley. Please bring your laptop and a good appetite.

SMS Text Message Marketing has Proven to be at the Top of the Mobile Marketing Game.

Over 80% of American adults text, making it the most common cell phone activity and text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.  Are you ready to start maximizing your mobile marketing efforts?  Sure the multi-national corporations seem to have endless budgets and all the latest marketing technology, but now Your business can have access to the same text message services. 

SMS is a great, non-invasive but personal way that businesses can touch base with an entire contact list quickly in order to engage and incentivize.  Text Messaging allows business owners to send their existing customers up-to-the-minute information, surveys, quizzes, and instant coupons, all with the ultimate goal of developing additional revenue channels. 

Small Business Owners Reach Customers in a Way that cuts Through the Digital Clutter with Text Marketing

Do you know very many adults without a mobile phone? How about business owners without one? Have you had a customer without a cell phone? Here’s the leap, but I have pretty good evidence it is true: If they have one, they likely use text messaging on it, too.

Now You can quickly and easily spread the word to your best customers with a simple text message. People respond much quicker to SMS than any other form of communication.

Text message marketing is a permission-based approach to sharing short updates or specials with your customers. It lends itself to point of sale or retail offers, but not entirely. It’s also a good way to share news, updates, ideas, and special offers with customers with whom you have a relationship and who express interest in signing up.​

It's Time to Leverage Your Marketing Efforts and Maximize Your Results!

Text Marketing for Business

Sentext Solutions is the affordable business text message service provider, offering a complete mobile marketing solution for your business needs. 

The greatest advantage with SMS marketing is speed and efficiency.  You can send out a short, quick message in a moment and your customers will begin to respond.  Compare the ease of use to creating all the content for an email news letter to only have 20% even look at it and far less take action!  No thanks. I'll send a 160 char. text a few times a week and spend my time more efficiently. 

  1.  Mobile Marketing can be the secret weapon of your Small Business. 
  2. Yes, our world has gone mobile, but that doesn’t mean small businesses can’t use mobile to their advantage.
  3. Keep in mind is that mobile is simply another way for you to connect, engage and convert your customers.
Text Messaging Service for Business

What People Are Saying About Our Text Message Service for Business

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“My business has increased its sales tremendously by this simple text program.”

“I have been doing business with SenText Solutions for over a year now with all 3 of my businesses. My business has increased its sales tremendously by this simple text program. Reaching your target market by one text can make a huge difference in one day. I strongly recommend this company. 

They are very easy to work with and strive to help small businesses flourish. Thank you SenText Solutions for providing HerringStone's with top notch customer service."
- Boutique Owner

“After comparing other companies and prices, Sen Text Solutions was the most affordable and user-friendly..."

“In a world that is constantly advancing when it pertains to social media and technology, SenText Solutions offers the most economical and easiest way to communicate to your customer base using text marketing. After comparing other companies and prices, SenText Solutions was the most affordable and user-friendly. Using SenText Solutions’ text marketing feature has kept my clients informed, as well as excited about our company. This is definitely the best decision I have made in advertising.”   Check out plenty of other customer experiences 


Financial & Tax Services

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“I really like being able to reach our customers instantly any time I want to.”

It has been nearly 4 months since we signed up with SenText and we have over 370 subscribers. It is a great way to communicate with our customers and offer them weekly deals and keep them coming back. I really like being able to reach our customers instantly any time I want to.

- Diamond Shine

Start Texting Like Billion Dollar Companies

Business owners everywhere are loving the power text marketing is bringing them.  They really get excited once realizing the targeted messages can be sent for just pennies and each message drives meaningful ROI.  Are you ready to connect with your customers in a meaningful way?  Ready to send them timely offers they will anticipate, open, and respond to with their buying dollars and share with friends?  Start your business text messaging service today and take control of under performing/unknown marketing efforts! 

Business Text Marketing Service


Here are a Few More Testimonials From Local Businesses Who Love Sentext Solutions

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“As soon as I send out a message, my phone begins to ring...”

“Our text message system has definitely made an impact in business. It amazes me that as soon as I send out a text message, my store phone begins to ring and undoubtedly, someone on the other line is calling to make a purchase.

Text messaging is a great resource for business and it continues to prove its success each time we use it.”

- Expectations

“They begin coming in within minutes...”

“Sentext Solutions is the most effective way to reach out to our customers during slow times. In just a few minutes I can tell over 900 customers about a special and they will begin coming in within minutes!”

- San Jose Mexican Restaurant
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Aaron Copeland
Aaron Copeland
Account Executive [Sentext Solututions]

(501) 230-4515

Meet Your Text Marketing Expert

Hello, My name is Aaron and I'm really glad you're here!  So many customers are benefiting from our business text message service  and I'm excited to help you too.  I am confident you'll love the results of text marketing for your business.  

Speaking of love, I  really enjoy Olde English Bulldogges, building houses in Honduras, travel and discovering great new places to eat or enjoy that perfect cup of coffee.  That actually works very well since Sentext is perfect for local businesses who typically are some of the best places to discover, enjoy, and share!  Let's partner and build your mobile marketing campaign.  Together we will grow customer base and your business will flourish.

 To your success,

Worried About Spamming Your Customers? 

What you’re really saying…

It means that you most likely don’t understand the compliance or regulatory rules and probably have heard of the few companies that got sued.

What you should know.

Mobile messaging has been around for a while and despite its evolution, the processes and procedures are very clear.

Due to the mobile messaging space being more regulated, consumers have to give you permission to receive messages from your business.

That means they need to opt-in. In most cases, double opt-in.

That means they are giving you permission to send them messages on the most personalize device they own.

According to a study by Yankee Group, the majority of customers are willing to share personal information for better rewards, yet only 26% currently receive mobile messages with this sort of content. That’s mainly because businesses haven’t adopted it yet.

When you work with trusted partners, you can get started following some simple steps and not be worried about this.

Text Messaging Service

  • 91 percent of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach. (Source: Morgan Stanley) Guilty as charged. 
  • Even more important to entrepreneurs: 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action. More than half lead to sales. (Source: SearchEngineLand) Stunning.
  • Check out more mobile facts in this Forbes article

We don't want to build a new database of contacts since we already have an email list. 

What you’re really saying…

We think that the fastest way to grow is with new customers not getting existing customers to spend more.

What you should know…

For most small businesses, 80% of their revenue comes from 20% of customers— existing customers.

It’s been reported that it costs five times more to acquire new customers than to get existing ones to return.

When launching your new mobile messaging program, it’s wise to start with your existing customers.


Despite having an email list, not everyone on your email list actually sees’s/gets your newsletter.

Most retailers I speak with experience about 20-28% open rates.

If you have a list of 15,000 customers, only 3000 or so could actually be getting your communication.

If you had a mobile list of 3,000 subscribers, 2,940 of them would see your message as 98% of messages are opened and 90% are read within 3 minutes.

Despite having a growing Facebook or Twitter presence, only 2% (if that) are seeing your content on social media due to Facebook’s algorithm. If you’re using something like Facebook Ads, that’s a bit of a different story, but your organic reach is super low.

At the end of the day, some of your customers might just want to hear from you in a more convenient way such as mobile messages.

As for getting new customers…

By integrating your mobile call-to-action throughout your existing media assets, you’ll most likely acquire new people that prefer that channel.

So while mobile messaging isn’t always guaranteed to drive all new prospects, it tends to be a nice little side effect of growing your mobile database by leveraging cross-channel promotions.

sms marketing service

Benefits of Text Marketing + ( Why to Choose Sentext Solutions)

  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Build successful text marketing promotional strategies
  • Unlimited Keywords, Subscribers, and Campaigns
  • TXT2WIN, TXT2VOTE, QUIZ, SURVEY, & Many Many More! 
  • Bring existing customers back more often
  • On staff designers with unlimited artwork


Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't text messaging boring and out of date? 

Is text marketing only for stores offering coupons & discounts?

It seems expensive and how will I know how many messages I'm sending?

How do we track and measure results?

I'm not interested in mobile right now as we have other priorities.

It seems confusing and too much to deal with right now.

It’s time you stopped brushing off mobile messaging in your business. When implemented correctly, it can easily become a key component in your marketing strategy and contribute to your bottom line goals.

Move beyond the “old way” of doing things and start to experience how a mobile messaging campaign can help you learn more about your customers so that you can send more relevant messages, resulting in higher engagement and conversion.

Yes, I want to start text marketing now! 

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